Chain Bikerz

Chain Bikerz Features

10 Unique Helmets

Or get lucky and get one of 7 Unique Inspired Chain Runnerz Heads

3,193 Unique Gang Names

20 Unique Bike Colors

8 Different Ranks

On-chain daily increasing Reputation

On-Chain Challenges!

Chain Bikerz can challenge other Chain Bikerz

1. Start off at Recruit Rank

2. Each time you beat another Chain Biker your rank increases by 1
and you gain reputation equal to the reputation of the challenged biker

3. Each time the challenged Biker loses, they join your gang

4. The challenged now becomes owned by the challenger and the text “Owned By: TokenNumber”

5. You cannot issue challenges once you are owned

6. You can only issue challenges every 6000 blocks. You can only be challenged every 6000 blocks